Franchising: Non-Traditional Licensing

Non-Traditional Growth Venues

  • Airports
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Government Facilities (for example, military bases)
  • Business Facilities (for example, cafeterias or office campuses)
  • Healthcare Facilities (for example, hospitals)
  • Travel Hubs (for example, train stations, limited-access toll-road plazas)
  • Casinos
  • Hotels
  • Food Courts

Non-Traditional Concepts

IHOP offers different restaurant options with flexible floor plans, menu offerings and service formats that accommodate a variety of venue types in high-pedestrian traffic locations:

IHOP Restaurant (Full Service)
Est. Sq. Ft.: 2,000 - 5,000
IHOP Express® (Fast Casual)
Est. Sq. Ft.: 1,200 - 3,500
Counter ordering/table delivery
Dedicated seating
IHOP 'N Go® (Quick Service)
Est. Sq. Ft.: 600 - 3,500
Counter service
Portable menu items, grab 'n go items
Shared or dedicated seating
IHOP U® (Quick Service of Fast Casual)
For College & University settings
Quick Service 600 sq. ft. - 3500 sq. ft.

Quick Service 600 sq. ft. - 3500 sq. ft.

  • Counter service
  • Portable menu items
  • Grab n go items
  • Shared or dedicated seating
  • Estimated equipment, smallwares, signage: $102k - $215k
  • Estimated build out cost range: $93k - $265k
Fast Casual 1200 sq. ft. - 3500 sq. ft.

Fast Casual 1200 sq. ft. - 3500 sq. ft.

  • Counter order
  • Table delivery
  • Dedicated seating
  • Estimated build-out cost range: $93k - $265k
  • Estimated equipment, smallwares, signage: $102k - $215k

Non-Traditional Licensing Details

Financial Requirements
Varies depending on concept
Qualification & Approval Process
See domestic process
Initial License Fees
IHOP Restaurant (Full Service) $25,000
IHOP Express® (Fast Casual) $15,000
IHOP 'N Go® & IHOP U® (Quick Service) $15,000
Royalty Fee
Advertising Fees
National Ad Fee: 1%
Local expenditure: 2%
License Term:
5-10 years

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