You Love About


Some of the best memories are made at the breakfast table. Sitting down with your friends and family to talk about the day ahead – or the day that was. Being yourself, and being loved for it. Sharing a comforting breakfast made from scratch, just for you.

For millions of people, those memories are made at IHOP. Because we make it our mission to make your breakfast an experience you’ll look forward to – again and again.

Come As

You Are

There are no airs about breakfast. No need to dress to impress. Just like home, breakfast at IHOP is where you can be comfortable, and 100% yourself. So if that means trying all 4 of our syrups, well, that’s what they’re there for.


Every Minute

Life’s busy. But a drive-thru meal is no way to fuel your body and soul. With so many signature meals to explore – classic favorites and new flavors – you can relax, enjoy every bite, and be inspired to take on the day. Or night.

Go with the


For real catching up, texting is no match for actual talking. Especially when it’s at the table, over a fresh cup of coffee. That’s why we keep the coffee flowing so you can keep the conversation going.

Be good to


Fresh eggs. Orange juice. Everything made to order. Remember, as they always say, "breakfast is the most important meal of the day." And with more than 30 Under 600 calorie SIMPLE & FIT options on our menu, you have more choices you can feel good about.

get it


For breakfast, lunch or dinner, breakfast at IHOP is anytime you want it. Because we think that warm, happy feeling you get from digging into a stack of pancakes or a hearty omelette is just too good to keep to the morning.

Your breakfast favorites are waiting.
So bring your favorite people and enjoy.
IHOP. Everything you love about breakfast.

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